Our Mission

In LiREICS, We provide the best fully researched property investments.

At Lucky-Infinity Real Estate Investment Company we provide experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable commercial real estate service to business owners throughout Africa.

With a team who have worked with property investments for years, we, like you, were frustrated by the lack of clear information available for property investors.

Now we have, and continue to build market leading research so that you can simply choose (with our help) the most suitable investment for you, safe in the knowledge that all our properties have gone through one of the most robust due diligence process’s in the industry.

We are committed to delivering this to our clients, friends, family and associates on a daily basis. And has been the reason behind why our company has grown so quickly.

Property investment is simple when we have all the tools to hand. We call this; Confidence through clarity.

One of the key reasons Lucky-Infinity Real Estate Investment Company are able to invest so well, is having some of the most advanced data analytics in the world. We break down the whole of Nigeria into 1-2 square kilometre squares and look at all of the economic and environmental factors which change the property value and rental value.

These factors include historical data of price, price per square foot, average salary, inflation, supply & demand, and lending rates all the way back to 1990’s. This means that not only are we miles ahead of the game in terms of picking the right property, we can also produce some of the most accurate cash flow estimates in the world.

As an investor this will give you full confidence in buying the best and knowing what your future assets will be worth.

Our thorough due diligence checklist is a leader in the market and is expected to be the industry standard in the coming years. And for good reason. The report is critical before any property purchase, breaking down every detail of a developer, development, investment area and financials with a simple star scoring system.

We understand the developers financial situation, track record, and ensure every document from planning applications, highways acts, title deeds, lease details are all in place so you don’t have to.